Christopher’s extensive business experience over three continents at all levels, including board level, enables him to provide consulting knowledge and experience to individuals and businesses - large and small.  He has also been instrumental in two major mergers in the healthcare industry whilst living overseas, and has much experience in mergers and acquisitions, change management, team building and organisational behaviour.

Since its' inception in 2005 Christopher provided interim and consulting services under the name of Meritas International in the following areas:

  • Service Reconfiguration Programme Director with a major NHS cluster in the UK, working as part of the Midlands and East of England NHS Strategic Projects Team
  • Developing and implementing a leadership programme for an NHS spin-off social enterprise organisation
  • Lead roles in strategic planning processes for three healthcare organisations
  • A major Central European Pharmaceuticals Company involving the establishment of a new organisational structure dividing the strategic elements of the Company (R&D, Strategic Marketing and International Operations) from the domestic market operations (Marketing, Sales and Manufacturing) with shared functions (Finance, HR and IT); establishing and launching eight culture change corporate initiatives under the leadership of eight task force leaders and re-focussed the R&D effort through clear criteria for assessing new development projects using the Net Present Value (NPV) method
  • Working with the CEO of a Central European Charity in order to divide the organisation into profit-generating and charity sections under two Joint Managing Directors; creating a five year plan for profitability and a strategic plan for raising funds from revenues, sponsors, shareholders and financiers; created a number of documents to attract foreigners and investors to build a 17th Century Living Townlet in Moravia, Czech Republic
  • Created UK launch plan for a diet food within the largest food Company in Czech Republic.
  • Advising and assisting a human resources company in the establishment of an out-sourcing conference programme in Prague; presented on the subject of out-sourcing in multi-national companies
  • Developing new business opportunities for a specialist medical healthcare education and risk management company founded in 2002 in the UK
  • Advising the British Chambers of Commerce in Prague on their executive structure

Christopher would be interested in discussing consulting, advisory, interim and non-executive opportunities in any area of business but in particular:

  • Healthcare, pharmaceuticals & nutraceuticals
  • Hospitals & health service management
  • Not-for-profit organisation
  • Strategy & planning
  • Customer focus, marketing &selling
  • Organisational culture, leadership, motivation & team-building
  • Opinion leader development
  • Change management

He is somewhat of an expert in international healthcare delivery systems, having written his doctorate thesis in the subject and with his Visiting Lecturer Post at Essex University.

The title of his thesis in 2010 was:

Healthcare: Delivery and Outcome Cultural Comparisons Across Four Countries in Three Continents’


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